Tools of the Trade

If you are looking to build your home kit or pick up some new equipment for the bar, these are the tools that we use and have come to love. They aren’t the most expensive, they are the ones that we have found offer the best bang for the buck. We have provided links where you can find everything below.


Our favorite Dehydrator

As far as dehydrators go this has all of the things that we look for. Wide temperature range, 26 hour timer, 15 square feet of dehydrating space, and machine washable racks. They have a few different sizes and colors available if you prefer but this is our favorite. Check it out here.

Slow Speed Juicer

Ever want to make coconut cream, juice your own ginger, house make peanut butter, juice pineapples? This is the move. Slow speed masticating juicers are a great tool to have in a prep kitchen. Check this one out.



Label Everything

Ok, so maybe this one is a little overkill for some people but it’s our favorite. Especially when you’re starting from scratch, being able to just print off a stream of labels is amazing. This links to a phone app or computer and lets you just print away. Self cutting and crack and peel tape so you don’t have to spend 5 minutes just trying to get one label stuck is a great upgrade too. Take a look.