Learn the techniques you need to advance your career


Providing education and building leaders.


Our classes focus on the fundamental skill sets needed to be successful behind a cocktail bar. Learning not only how to perform these techniques properly, but also why and when to apply them and what they contribute to the overall product will help elevate your skills and creativity behind the bar.


Cut me a garnish 

Focusing our programming on the often overlooked topics such as garnish is part of what sets us apart. From simple understandings of tools and their applications to complex ornate garnish techniques. 


Building and Stirring

What started as one of the simplelest in concept has quickly grown into one of the most in depth classes we offer. 


Stretch and Shake

Walk into most cocktails bars and you will see a bartender flourishing shiny tins and clapping them together with stylish flair. Despite the theatrics there is quite a bit to consider when shaking a drink.


Juices, Syrups, and Saccharums

Fresh juices and house made ingredients are the back bone of most successful cocktails programs. Having a comprehensive understanding of both the process and care will help elevate any bar program.


Today’s bartenders.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

From promotions into leadership positions to competing on a global stage, our participants go on to advance their careers with the knowledge and relationships they have gained from Bar Methods.


Bar Methods Brings Together 

A National Community

Over the years Bar Methods has had participants in from all over the country. Different walks of life, styles of bars and culture meet up and trade ideas and insight on all aspects of the indusry spurring creativity and a greater sense of community.