Our Vision

Bartenders are innovators.


There is a wealth of information available for the bar world. Countless programs and educators that are in the field every day focusing on the nuances of different spirits and production as well as beautiful cocktails that could be prepared. 

We found that there was a lack of education focusing on the practical side of the industry. How do these up and coming bartenders learn the nuances of properly making a cocktail? 

Bar Methods is a technique driven cocktail education course that focuses on the skills needed to be successful behind the bar. Our program goes beyond  the "how" to preform techniques but also why you are using them and what they contribute. This allows our participants to gain a full understanding and apply the knowledge going forward. 

Maintaining an intimate hands on environment, we insure that our participants have the opportunity to work closely with our mentors. This personal attention allows our participants to work on the nuances of different techniques. 

Most importantly we want to make sure this course stays accessible to our participants. We understand that it is difficult to take time away from work. Not only is it missed money, but also, the job doesn't stop. Hosting our courses during the slower weeks of the year, and on the off days for bartenders allows us to respect the time that people are committing to us. We also want to make sure the course stays affordable so as to not add to the stress of the time away. 

Keeping these considerations has allowed for us to gain participants from many different markets. This diversity is paramount in continuing to grow a national community of bartenders. The interaction and exchange of ideas between people from different areas and walks of life  is what keeps the industry progressing and breeds new and different ideas and techniques. 


Christopher Bidmead


Ariel Neils (left) and Ben Rojo (right) working on Japanese style shaking techniques.

Ariel Neils (left) and Ben Rojo (right) working on Japanese style shaking techniques.